Permanent Makeup

Join millions of women who enjoy the benefits of permanent makeup!

Have you ever wished you could be less dependent on makeup and still look great? Now you can with permanent makeup! Imagine a makeup that won’t come off during jogging, swimming or exercise. It offers beauty and freedom for the active people of today.

The medical use of permanent color for camouflaging can be traced back 150 years. Physicians have successfully used the tattooing of colors to disguise birthmarks and various kinds of scars. Permanent makeup itself has been around for more than 20 years. It is a cosmetic form of tattooing in which color is implanted within the skin and can look more natural than makeup. With the use of iron oxide as a base for makeup colors, you can be sure that having permanent makeup applied is completely safe.

Permanent Makeup Technician Debbie McClellan has over 15 years of extensive experience in this field and has performed over 12,000 permanent makeup procedures.

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Who are Permanent Makeup Clients?

Permanent makeup clients are those who:

  • Wear contact lenses or glasses
  • Feel; washed out without makeup
  • Are active in sports
  • Have eyes that tear up frequently
  • Are not artistic when applying makeup
  • Have a problem seeing objects at close range
  • Are very busy or don’t want to take the time
  • Are tired of using eye, lip and brow pencils
  • Love to have color on their lips all the time
  • Have allergies to ordinary makeup

Permanent Makeup We Offer

Women can dispose of their brow pencils. Permanent brow color gives a very natural look. Our permanent makeup technician can create and shape brows to frame the face and by blending colors can match hair & skin tones.

Create thicker looking lashes by applying color to the base of the lash line or a thicker lovelier liner can be achieved depending on what you desire.

Create a more defined lip line while enhancing and adding fullness to lips. Color can even be applied lightly for a natural look or heavily for a more dramatic look. Say goodbye to lips that bleed!

Permanent Makeup FAQ’s

Q: Can the lips, brows and eyeliner procedures be done on the same day and are there touch ups?
A: Yes. There is usually no problem having as many procedures as you like done at the same sitting. This can actually be beneficial because you can have any touch ups that you may need done at the same time. Touch ups are usually done within a month after the procedure has been done.

Q: How safe is permanent makeup?
A: When permanent makeup is done under proper conditions, there are no opportunities for disease transmission according to the Center for Disease Control. Permanent makeup is very safe.

Q: Will permanent makeup fade over time and when should the color be touched up?
A: Yes. Permanent makeup does fade over time. Most people will need to have their permanent makeup touched up at some point. It can be anywhere from one to five years, usually.

Q: Are the procedures painful?
A: Everyone is different in their tolerance and sensitivity. A topical-numbing solution is used to help numb the area that will be worked on before starting the procedure. Reapplying the numbing topical is usually permitted during the procedure

Q: Can permanent makeup ever look smudged after a period of time?
A: Permanent makeup does not look smudged over a period of time. One of the reasons permanent makeup is so popular is because it does keep its color and shape and can even last for years. That is why women who have had permanent makeup procedures always say they wouldn’t trade their permanent makeup for anything.

Q: What is a good age to have permanent makeup procedures done?
A: It is never too late or too early to enjoy permanent makeup. Whatever your age, permanent makeup can eliminate that dreaded washed out look we all hate. At any age you will wonder how you were every able to get along without it.

Q: Will permanent makeup still look good as you get older your skin changes?
A: As long as you look good with makeup, you will look good with permanent makeup. There is no age where you need to stop using makeup. If you’re concerned the permanent may look a little too dark on you in the future don’t worry. Remember, permanent makeup will get lighter with time.

Q: Will I be able to see each procedure drawn on before the procedure is started?
A: Yes. This is a very important step and can be fun. The brows, lips and/or eyeliner will be drawn on to your satisfaction to enhance your facial features before the procedure is started. The nice thing is that it is going to stay with you, enhancing what you do have and it won’t wash off like other temporary makeovers do.

Q: What is involved in the aftercare and long-term care for permanent makeup procedures?
A: Aftercare is keeping it dry and using ointment during the healing process. Generally, the long-term care for any of the procedures is to use a good sunscreen daily and be careful with bleaching and any exfoliating creams.

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