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Our Outpatient Surgical and Laser Clinic Facilities

The Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is an AAAHC-accredited outpatient surgical facility that offers a broad range of surgical and medical aesthetic treatments for women of all ages. We perform a range of cosmetic surgical procedures including facelifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, lifts or reductions, eyelid and nasal surgery, and liposuction. We also perform a range of non-ablative laser procedures, facials and micro-needling to tighten, rejuvenate skin, diminish scars, improve texture and tone, on skin, remove hair and spider veins, and reduce the look of birthmarks, pigmented lesions, stretch marks, and scars.

Our Surgical Facility is Accredited by:

Accreditation Association
For Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)

Overnight Accommodations

The Cerritos Sheraton Hotel is a modern luxurious hotel only 50 feet from our office. We recommend that you stay at the hotel your first post-operative night, depending on the extensiveness of your surgery. This makes it easy to check on you without you having to come to the office. Unlike similar post- operative settings, no stairs are involved and the rates are reasonable. We escort you to your room and tuck you into bed making sure that all is to your liking. When booking your stay tell them you are a patient of Dr. Gregory T. Fisher and if you reserve your room through their website, www.sheraton.com/cerritos or you can contact the hotel (562) 809-1500 to reserve your room with the operator. Remember to bring soft drinks and snacks for the night. We will come to your room for your post-operative check in the morning.