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Time, heredity, and the elements cause a variety of skin conditions including wrinkles, acne scars, brown spots, birthmarks, skin discoloration, uneven texture, and unsightly varicose and spider veins which can be addressed with lasers treatments. Laser treatments are safe and effective with minimal pain and little or no recovery or downtime.

The Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center offers a wide selection of laser treatment and rejuvenation procedures that will rejuvenate your skin, and eliminate the damage it receives overtime. We use five different lasers at our facilities including the Candela VBeam, GentleYAG, Smoothbeam, GentleLASE, and Thermage. Whether you are looking to target problem areas or improve the overall appearance of your skin, Dr. Gregory T. Fisher MD and his professional staff at the Cosmetic and Surgery Laser Center have the skills, tools, and experience to help you.

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Our Lasers

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Our Facility utilizes the Candela Corporation’s family of lasers to provide a wide array of non-ablative laser treatments. Our lasers use Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) to protect the surface of the skin during treatment by spraying a small amount of cryogen onto the skin surface milliseconds before each laser pulse. These laser systems allow us to provide effective, fast and safe treatments to almost any area of the body.

unnamed-2The GentleLASE laser system is used for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair, removal or reduction of pigmented lesions (sun spots, age spots, Cafe-au-lait, freckles, etc.) and skin rejuvenation with wrinkle reduction.
unnamed-1The GentleYAG laser system offers unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction, leg and facial veins, wrinkles, and skin tightening with rejuvenation. This laser effectively treats all skin types and even tanned skin!
unnamed-3The VBeam laser system is used to the treatment of vascular lesions, scars, stretchmarks, spider veins, Port Wein Steins (birthmarks), rosacea, venous lake, and poikiloderma of civatte (discoloration of neck and chest). This laser is also a wonderful tool for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.
unnamed-4The Smoothbeam laser system is primarily used for the treatment of moderate to severe acne of the face, back or chest. The Smoothbeam is also utilized to improve the appearance of acne scars and acne divots.

Laser Rejuvenation

As skin ages, it loses collagen and elastin and develops fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, or other damages to the skin. Laser rejuvenation is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to restore their skin or improve minor flaws. It is an effective way to reduce the look of scars from acne or chickenpox, discoloration, wrinkles, enlarged pores, some kinds of birthmarks, and warts. Laser rejuvenation can produce a more even complexion that has a youthful look. We offer a variety of laser treatments using deep penetrating light to stimulate blood flow to the targeted area, which increases collagen and elastin, and tightens the skin. The laser treatment also accelerates the skin’s natural cell turnover process, so old skin cells are shed leaving a radiant glow with fewer lines and wrinkles, tighter and plumper skin with smaller pores.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Los AngelesLaser hair removal is an excellent alternative for anyone who is tired of plucking, waxing or shaving unwanted facial and body hair. The laser works by cutting off blood supply to the hair follicle, preventing it from ever regrowing. Since hair grows in cycles, several treatments are required for optimal hair removal. Unlike traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal rarely grows back, and is safe for all skin colors and types. Hair growth may be stimulated by hormones so some patients may require occasional touch up maintenance treatments.


Laser Treatment in Los AngelesEmbarrassing acne and acne scars can be dramatically improved by laser treatment. Our Smoothbeam laser targets overactive sebaceous glands, which is the root cause of acne, by generating heat that creates a mild injury, which forces the gland to shrink and produce less oil. The laser also stimulates collagen production, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improving the overall look and health of your skin. This safe, effective, and gentle treatment results in a significant reduction in the number of pimples on the skin and over time, the skin clears and significantly improves the appearance of acne scars. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes. Multiple treatments are needed to control the sebaceous glands and prevent acne from returning.


Scar Treatment in Los AngelesThe experts at the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center use laser treatments to reduce the appearance of all types of scars. Our Smoothbeam laser smooths scars by heating up the collagen in the upper layers of the skin and stimulating new collagen formation which drastically reduces the depth of pitted scars, making them less apparent. Laser treatments for scars show results over time, and produce incomparable results to microdermabrasion. Several treatments may be needed to produce your desired results. The procedure is not invasive, with little to no down time, so patients can return to their normal lives and activities right away. It is important to avoid sun exposure to the affected areas.


Age Spot RemovalMelasma is a common skin problem that is usually hormonal, affecting many women. It frequently causes brown patches on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead or upper lip. It can also develop in other areas that receive a lot of sun exposure such as the chest, forearms and neck. We treat melasma and brown spots with our Candela GentleLASE laser. The laser causes the melanin, which creates the discoloration to rise to the top layer of skin where it is shed by natural skin cell turn over. Depending on the extent of the discoloration, several treatments may be needed to achieve your desired results.

Rosecea, Birthmarks & Port Wine Stains

Birthmark Removal in Los Angeles Laser treatments using the Candela VBeam addresses the appearance of rosacea, port wine stains, birthmarks, scars, and warts, creating a smoother, brighter, and more even-toned complexion. Small areas can be treated quickly, but more extensive or complex conditions may take as many as three treatments. We use the Candela VBeam pulse dye laser (PDL), which specifically targets red pigmentation. The laser is absorbed by the vessels causing them to shrink and reducing the red area.


Laser Vein Removal Los AngelesSpider veins are small clusters of red, blue or purple veins commonly appearing on ankles, calves or thighs. They are caused by a range of factors including heredity, pregnancy, weight fluctuation, hormonal shifts, and prolonged standing or sitting. For some individuals. the veins are noticeable at an early age, while others develop them as they age. The veins can be treated with using our Candela GentleYAG laser targeting the blood vessels with a high-intensity light that collapses the vessel and reduces the veins’s appearance. The number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin and the size and number of the veins treated. In most cases, one to three treatments is usually sufficient to eliminate spider veins.

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