A more defined neckline and well-balanced facial features enhances a person’s overall appearance. Unfortunately, aging of the face and neck is inevitable, and these areas age faster than other parts of the body. At the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, we believe that an improved appearance can dramatically improve your life in many ways. Increased self-esteem leads to healthier social, personal, professional and sexual lives and promotes overall emotional and mental health and wellness.

We have a wide variety of treatments that can make subtle changes to enhance your features, and alter your appearance to achieve your desired look. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your face and neck, correct a misshapen nose or ears, or repair damage, we’re here to help. Since everyone is different, we offer a free consultation so you can sit down with us and we can identify your goals and help you transform your appearance.

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Face lift in Los AngelesNo matter how well you care for your skin, natural aging processes, environmental conditions, hormonal changes, weight changes, stress, gravity, and heredity can cause facial skin to lose its elasticity and firmness. Over time, your face loses its tone, your cheeks and jaw sags, and deep creases form around the nose and mouth. Facial fillers and topical creams can improve many of these issues, but dramatic results require a facelift surgery.

A facelift, also called a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that gives your face a more youthful look. This restorative surgery can correct sagging skin, deep creases around the nose, lift jowls, and create a more defined jawline. The procedure can also enhance the facial skin, define facial structures, and reduce wrinkles.


Rhinoplasty in Los AngelesA nose job, also called rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is used to change the shape and size of the nose. This relatively simple surgery can alter the size of the nose, reduce the width of the bridge, change the position, angle or size of the nostrils, remove bumps or depressions on the bridge, or correct a drooping, hooked, upturned or bulbous tip. Rhinoplasty is commonly performed for cosmetics reasons, but it can also correct a deviated septum to improve airflow and breathing. The truth is, noses come in all shapes and sizes. Surgery can easily correct minor flaws and asymmetry to give a natural and balanced appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery in Los AngelesThe eyes are one of the most prominent facial features and often the first to show signs of aging. The skin surrounding the eyes can lose firmness and elasticity, causing drooping of skin and fat deposits that create dark circles or bags under they eyes. Heredity can also play a large role in needing this surgery: it can produce more striking results and rejuvenate whether it is necessary because of a sign of aging, or because of genetics.

Surgery to improve the appearance of the eyelids is called blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. This relatively simple surgery rejuvenates the area around the eyes. tightens wrinkles and creates folds that are hidden in the natural contour of the eyes. Removal of the fat pads and tightening of the skin gives the most natural eye shape.

Neck Lift

Neck Lift in Los AngelesMany factors cause skin to lose its tone and allow fat to collect under the chin. Muscle banding in the neck can also create abnormal contours. A neck lift, also called a lower rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that dramatically improves the signs of aging in the jawline, jowls and neck. Non-surgical rejuvenation treatments can do little to correct signs of aging around the neck, excess wrinkling, and sagging of neck skin cause people to have an older appearance.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, also called ear surgery is used to reshape and improve the position, or proportion of the ears. Ear Surgery is used to reduce overly prominent or protruding ears, and ears that have been misshapen by injury, infection, piercings, or plugs.

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